Make Something New ~ November ~

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I have been busy behind the scenes here lately writing and editing a pattern or two, but I haven’t forgot about my blog! On Monday, I took a break to sew up a new-to-me pattern by Michelle Patterns called the Aster Wristlet.

Michelle’s Bucket Bag pattern was one of the first bag patterns I ever purchased, and since then I have collected a few more!  I’m a big fan of her patterns and style and always recommend her to people wanting to sew bags of their own.


The Aster has a finished size of 5.5″ h x 2.5″ w x 2.5″ deep.  A nice sturdy strap makes it easy to carry, but I could easily see how cute it would look to add a shoulder strap and make it a mini-purse.  There is an exterior and interior zipper for items needing safekeeping, and a snap closure to keep the flap in place. The pattern called for 2 snaps, but I used 1 larger one and it was just fine.


Like all of Michelle’s patterns they are easy to read and follow.  I made my Aster slowly because it was my first time making it, but in the future could easily whip one out in a few hours. This side view shows you how the flap comes over to cover the opening.


So, how much can you fill in Aster?  I was able to put a small wallet, my iPhone 6plus, a small coin pouch, pen and some lipstick.  Had a little room to spare to0.  I wouldn’t cram it that full all the time because of it just being a wristlet, but it is very roomy!

The pattern asks for a combo of SF101, cotton batting, muslin and scraps of fleece. I haven’t used a combo of these in one bag before but it really looks nice when finished.  I think you could use Soft & Stable easily to replace the fleece/muslin comb if you wanted.


This is my first Aster but it won’t be my last.  It doesn’t have large fabric requirements so it would be perfect for those small stashes you want to use up.  Give it a try, you’ll love it!

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