~Meet My Gracie ~


2014-03-11 17.39.04

Wowee, this week started off great! For once I was super organized with the family tasks and plans. I was able to start a few sewing projects in the studio and was able to get a ton of errands checked off my list.

Until 10:30 am Monday.

I’m standing in the middle of Tandy Leather Factory buying a bag of double cap rivets when the hubby calls. Don’t panic he says, but O just passed out in class and you need to go get him. WHAT?!?! So I quickly leave and drive 1/2 hour to the school to find my 13yo munching on saltines and sipping OJ. He’s dizzy and tired, but after a good faint and barf we talk to the nurse a bit and head home. This was a first for him, but I can’t say I’m too surprised. You see, O gets very squeamish around videos or presentations on any sort of human anatomy. In 5th grade, it was “the video” that made him lay his head down on the table and wait until it was over. Last year, it was a series on smoking/lung cancer and more human reproduction (3 separate times too!) But every time he was able to tell the teacher and could leave the room until it was done.

Darn this teenage puberty and pressure to be cool! He was too nervous to tell his teacher he needed to excuse himself so when his mind/body couldn’t’ take anymore he just plain passed out in his chair. I praise his teacher and friends near him that helped him get to the nurse station so I could get him. By the time I got to him I was in full flight-or fight mode so we both cuddled the rest of the morning  and I took care of my baby.

But today is a new day, so after sending the kids to school I worked on a few to-be-shown projects and got out my new girl. Meet Gracie!

2014-03-11 16.29.25Gracie is named after my grandmother, who taught me the wonderful world of sewing so many years ago. Gracie was produced in 1947 and is in great condition.  She has a few spots of faded paint and a knick here or there but is really a beautiful machine.

2014-03-11 16.24.23

I found my Featherweight at an auction in Western New York.  I got a great deal too. Not only did I get a beautiful machine, but also a handful of attachments, the original operating manual, and the original carrying case. I plan on making or buying some sort of carrying bag for the featherweight if I ever travel with it. My case is in great shape for it’s age, but I don’t want to take the risk of aging it faster.

After reading through the manual a few times and and learning how to wind the bobbin (so weird!), I was able to give her a spin. For such a tiny thing, it sure makes a beautiful stitch!

Thanks for letting me gush about my new treasure! I am so excited to finally have a Featherweight and can’t wait to start stitching with it. Thanks for reading and I”ll see you tomorrow for WIP Wednesday!

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