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It’s been a rough weekend here at the house.  If you read this post, I introduced you to Pippin, my oldest’s new FFA show rabbit.  Friday morning Pippin started showing signs of illness. If you have rabbits you probably know there is little you can do but wait and see if it passes. Well, Pippin got progressively worse and early in the evening passed away.  My younger two were at home when it happened and they were heartbroken.  Oldest was at a weekend Boy Scout camping trip so we had to break the news to him when he got home.  Having to tell my 12yo son that his show bunny passed was absolutely horrible. I have never seen such heart-wrenching sobs come from him. Ever.

So Sunday we spent lots of time talking, cuddling and in the evening went to the frozen yogurt shop and lifted a gooey spoon in honor of our Pippin. On Monday, O’s FFA teacher gave him huge hugs and he spent time with the class rabbits petting and grooming them. I think it was therapeutic….at least it was for me!  O made it through school yesterday and seems to be in a good place.  The hubby told O’s story at work and everyone was so sad for us.  Then one of his employees told him she had a baby bunny for him from a neighboring farm. So while I was at scouts with middle I get a text with this:


He’s a 9 week old Mini Rex/Lionhead Mix.  This picture makes him look a little possessed, but he is so sweet and has the most interesting caramel markings on his body. I believe because he is a mix breed he cannot be a “show” bunny but he was a sight for sore eyes and we got so excited to see him happy and hopping around in his cage.  Any name ideas?  So now we have his adorable new family member and not 1 hour later I get a call from a Dutch rabbit breeder in the neighboring county that she had a 4mo gray show Dutch for Owen!!! Oh my goodness when it rains it pours!!  Come next Tuesday we will have 2 new members of the family.  Such a blessing for us and very healing.

Now, for my menu this week?  I spent all day yesterday finishing up an awesome bag I’ll be sharing with you when I get the go-ahead.    It’s a pdf pattern and is a must buy if you love to make your own handbags.  I am also doing A LOT of legal work for the LLC part of Raspberry Sunshine.  To say it’s painful is an understatement.  Uncle Sam and his buddies sure don’t make it easy for us!  I also got my wholesaler license so maybe I’ll be able to save a few dollars on supplies and offer some unique goodies in my shop!  I hope to revisit my own pattern I’ve been working on. I hit a few glitches in the writing, so I’m going to spend  a lot of time working on that and another bag idea I have in my head.  Here’s the inspiration:

photo 3

Old inherited lace, thrift store denim skirt and a jelly roll of Cosmo Cricket.  I’m thinking ruffles. Maybe a Messenger. Ideas anyone?


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  1. I;m so glad it turned into a happier time for Owen, hopefully he will have lots of great times to come with the bunnies.
    Hopefully your cat and the bunnies all get along.

    1. Thanks Natalie~

      It’s funny, the cats are afraid of the bunny and the bunny wants to sniff them. He’s going onto the patio soon in a hutch so the cats will not be as curious anymore.

      Have you been working on any good projects lately?!?! Cindy

  2. Very happy for you that you will have two new little friends. I need to pass a word of advice. Please don’t assume they are the same sex until you know for sure. Apparently, it’s really hard to tell if they are male for a while. I had a nice surprise one day when I went to clean the rabbit hutch and found a big fluffy nest of fur and underneath – 9 babies!! Then came the fun of separating them and never letting them “visit” again. Which sadly happened when we moved provinces with them. Our new neighbour thought it would be cute to let them “play”. 6 more bunnies!!

    1. Oh My Gosh!!!!!! Fertile little thing LOL!! I had to ask O’s Agriculture teacher for a small anatomy lesson after I read your response. Ha. Last thing I need is more bunnies and if we get them ‘fixed’ you can’t enter them in show contests. Hubby ordered a 2 story hutch and they can be taken apart for 2 separate hutches, so that will be the case here for sure!! Did you find homes for them all?


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