Menu Monday! What’s on Your Menu?


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Happy Monday ya’ll! I hope you had a great day and start to the new week.  My boys are getting so excited now that they see the end of school is near. I am getting excited too as that means no wake up alarms and I can take my time in the mornings!

Most of my day was spent completing another Japanese-inspired bucket tote.  I have a few fabrics set out to make more for my shop, but something about the handle area is bothering me, so I may need to play around with that part a bit more before I cut out a few more.

I also wanted to show you the finished scrappy tote that I was working on last week.  I added a linen top band as well as handles. Instead of quilting fabric, I used home decor scraps stitched onto a piece of old canvas and batting. It is very sturdy and holds it’s shape beautifully.  This one I’m keeping for myself, but I have plenty of scraps lying around here to make some more.

DSC_0022 2So, what’s on your crafty menu this week?  Here are some of my goals:

  • I’m going to work on my Japanese bucket tote pattern a bit and get a few done for the shop.
  • Finish the RB – May Mystery Block (this one is KILLING me!) – and try not to destroy too much fabric in the making.
  • Print out my rough draft of my e-pattern and note changes. Make another prototype so I can share it with you all!
  • Cut interfacing for a few totes.

This evening, I will be trying to reduce my scrap bins a bit by doing this:

DSC_0020 2This was the square pile I created last night.  I did pretty good, huh?  I have another bin tonight to sift through so we’ll see how far I get.  Have a great evening ~Cindy~

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