Menu Monday ~ What’s on Your Plate?


0001-2Today I had planned to go into my list of goals and plans for the new year. I had my weekly Menu Monday post ready with things I wanted to do in my studio this week.  But then a friendly e-mail reminder came from the Dept. of Revenue telling me it was annual tax time. I knew the time was drawing near, but it’s here now so it’s time to get to work. Not on fun sewing or quilting, but on taxes.

I have been good about keeping receipts this year. My Etsy, Paypal and Outright files are downloaded and ready to go.  And with sales mostly from Etsy and commission work, I think I’ll be able to handle this on my own. Well, at least for this year. So this week I am going to be in tax mode.  Maybe I can knock it out quickly with a little help from my MBA hubby *hint, hint*.  The Etsy forums and a few bloggers I  enjoy reading have been a great source of tax information as well, so hopefully the tax process won’t be too stressful.

After the taxes are done and the paperwork and files are still out, I am going to set up my 2014 planner. I created a form last year and it worked great, but I’ve seen so many cute artsy ones on Pinterest I may have to try instead. What kind of planners do you use? A week on a page is ideal as well as space for meals of the day, etc.  A blog planner needs to be part of it too, but I’m not sure where yet.

Well, I’m back into the paperwork trenches for a bit longer before I fall asleep typing. Hope you had a great Monday! Thanks for reading!

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