Menu Monday’s! What are your plans for the week?


How was your weekend?  I had quite a busy one, but very fun and rewarding.  The Florida weather has been kind of PMS-ing recently, so after a few days of hot/cold, wet/dry the Sunshine State decided to live up to her name and give us some great weather.  The boys spent a good portion of Saturday playing water balloon wars with the neighbors. I’m talking hours here. The only arguing came at the end when they looked like drowned rats and ran out of the 200 *broken* balloons they got in their Easter baskets. Me making them clean up all the balloon pieces in the yard didn’t help either!

Saturday night we surprised youngest with tickets to SeaWorld! He will be turning 6 on Thursday, and all he wanted to do was take a trip to SeaWorld. So yesterday we loaded up the clan and spent the day visiting Shamu and his gang. The weather was perfect and when our youngest says, “This is the best day ever!”, you know it was a success.


Now that the weekend adventures are over, I am having to catch up on all the housework and other not-so-fun items that I left to slide over the weekend.  I did manage to hit Jo-Ann’s this morning to grab a few things I ran out of.  When I was walking through the home decor aisle I discovered this happy fabric:

photoDoesn’t this scream spring to you?! It’s a pale yellow linen eyelet fabric. It has a nice weight and drape that could easily be made into a light skirt or sundress, but I don’t tend to sew for myself so we’ll see what I use it for. I’m also trying a new type of interlining for some of my totes so I picked up some items for this experiment We’ll see how it goes.

On my menu this week is a lot of child-related activities, so I’m going to have to squeeze in my sewing when I can. My sewing to-do’s:

– I have two totes I’d like to finish this week for my store.

– Start Riley Blake’s Mystery Block for April.

– Figure out sales tax & shipping rates for my Etsy shop. (Ideas anyone?)

This week I will be helping a blog-friend in her newest e-file handbag release.  I will review her pattern and share the one I made. You will LOVE it!  She’s also having a contest I’m participating in, so stay tuned.

What are your plans this week?

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