Hi there!  I am just now finishing up my busy day with the boys and with a few other things in my studio.  This is the first week we have not had any sort of camp, meeting or appointment so now we can relax a bit and enjoy the Florida sunshine….not to mention the famous Florida afternoon thunderstorms.  At the start of every summer, the boys and I get out a calendar and plan activities for us to do. We also plan days we need to do chores around the house, times when we need groceries and athletic activities we need to drive to.  Activities we will continue with as usual are middle’s hockey on Saturday mornings and Tae-Kwon-Do classes youngest has started recently.

photo 2At home, the boys are enjoying watching our tiny sunflowers bloom in the front yard. We had three bloom this morning so I had to grab a quick shot to prove to everyone that I can keep at least ONE flower alive.  I do not have great gardening skills, but I can pull weeds like a pro. I leave the landscaping to my in-laws who are master gardeners!  Below is a shot of oldest’s FFA tomato plant. This sucker grew to a foot tall and started dying. We fertilized and added pesticide and it came back! And wouldn’t you know, I have eaten 4 huge tomatoes off it in the past few months and have 3 more coming. Ha! Proof that I can bring a tomato plant back from the dead!

photo 3

In my studio today, I started picking out my fabrics for the Zakka 2.0 Sew-Along. This is week 4 and this week’s project is the Cafe Apron.  I opted out of last week due to my schedule, but I am ready to go with this cute little project and will share my finished apron later this week.  If you would like to see a finished apron hop over to Cut to Pieces. Angela will be showing us her finished apron as well as a few tips and tricks to help you design and sew your own. I can easily see myself making a few of these for gifts.

So what’s on my crafty plate this week? Besides slowing things down in the studio a bit, I hope to:

  • Finish a HUGE project I’m testing for a bloggy friend. It’s insane-awesome and I’ve never seen anything like it handmade! I cannot wait to share it with you all!
  • Work on and finish my Zakka 2.0 Apron. and see what’s coming up .
  • Take photos of some finished bags so I can list them in my shop.
  • Watch the videos of next months Craftsy BOM blocks and pick out fabric.
  • Interface fabric for a few bags waiting to be sewn.

What are you working on this week? Sewing, kid fun? A bit of both?  Cindy~




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