Menu Monday’s! What’s on Your Menu?



Happy Monday!!!  This is the start to a big week in our house. Today is the 100th day of school, so T’s Kindergarten classes will be having a huge celebration. I don’t know if he was more excited about his party or the 100 paint-dots t-shirt he made. Isn’t it adorable?! The oldest man-child will be turning the big 1-2 on Thursday. According to him he is a ‘tween’ now which makes him super cool. He’s cute so I’ll agree. I am still planning his special day of meals, his favorite Red Velvet cake and last minute decorations and gifts. He is also in for a big treat for dinner as his nana and grand-dad will be coming over to take us all out. Bonus treat for the gang!

How many of your menu items did you complete last week? I did pretty well considering how long my list was (and still is).

1.  I finished my prototype for my first pdf. file!! I also managed to make the first draft of the directions.  I am beyond happy at the turnout. So check back tomorrow when I introduce it and give you a few sneak pictures of the completed product. (Hint: It’s rounded, rectangular and can fit in all kinds of bags, totes and suitcases!)


2. Remember the picture of the non-stick pressing sheet I showed you last week? The 18″x20″ sheet of temperature safe plastic I was 100% positive would melt?  It is AWESOME! It is typically meant for applique and pressing fusible adhesive to fabrics, felt, cardboard, but I tried it on fabric. It got a little hot, but cooled quickly and didn’t distort. So if you appliqué it’s called Easy Way Applique.

3. As for the Etsy listings. Yeah, didn’t happen. But I have the pictures and product ready to go.  What I DID complete was just as important though. I applied for my EIN, Legal Name and my Articles of Incorporation with the government. This morning I received all my confirmation numbers and I am now Raspberry Sunshine, LLC! Woo-Hoo.  It’s really scary to fill out papers this serious but also very important.


So what’s up for this first week in February?

I was asked to test another bag for the lovely Sara over at Sew Sweetness. This one looks like another winner so I will finish that up this week. Check out her blog because not only was my first tester bag for her shown on her blog (Do-Dot-Dash), she just released another new pattern today called the Accordion Bag.

I will also do some filing with the State of Florida for my business license and Tax ID hoopla.  Then off to Trademark and Copyright territory. A little frightening…

If the stars are aligned and the house is running smooth, I want to complete a tutorial I’ve had in the file for a long time. It’s a slouchy bow-tie hobo-ish type of bag. Yeah, say that ten times!

What’s on your menu for the week? Inquiring and nosy minds want to know~


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