Menu Monday’s! What’s on Your Menu?




I am officially a baseball mom! I was last season too, but it was t-ball and basically a free-for-all. T loved t-ball so much that he begged to do it again in the spring. Well, I think I forgot I lived in Florida for awhile because T’s ‘spring’ season started Saturday!!! In Virginia this would have been a whole different story. So we arrived at the fields at 8:30am for a huge pre-season show and introductions then finished up with his first scrimmage on a coach pitched team. It looks like he’s on a great team this season and we’re looking forward to our 1 million games!  Go Marauders!


Sunday, M took the youngest and middle to see Nuclear Cowboyz up in Tampa. They are a stunt/dare-devil motocross show that performs around the country. In a two-hour period huge amounts of fireworks, lasers and multiple bikes are in the air all at once with a nice loud music system. The men-folk loved it. O and I had to stay back to care for dear Charlotte. We were signed up for her care and upkeep at the school Sunday.  Doesn’t my boy look so cute with his rubber boots brushing down his happy piggy? I’ve never met such a friendly and well cared for pig!

So after an exciting weekend and day off I have to switch my brain into bag mode to write out my menu for the week.  What menu items are a WIP? I typed out my tutorial and have the pictures and graphics looking all pretty. All I have to do is create the pattern pieces and measurements and I should be good to go.  Oh yeah! My new tutorial is called “The Sunshine Sling Bag”. It is my go-to bag for busy days when I need something roomy that I can just drop stuff into. Like crazy t-ball and pig feeding. This bag worked like a champ this weekend. Plus it’s really easy to make so I hope you all will give it a try. Look for the tutorial and download this week.

I also need to cut out more pattern pieces to make another prototype for my pdf pattern. I have a few things to change up, but I’d really like to have that finished up in the next few weeks.

I am needing to find a online sources for a few items. One, 1.5″ rounded rectangle rings. Not flat, but a rounded one in nickel. Two, nice quality linen tape. Any ideas?

Final big plan is to list at least 5 things in my Etsy shop. I know, just 5. Why? Well, it’s a bit scary to put things you’ve worked so hard on for the world to look at. So I’m going to start small then list a lot more. I have the product ready, I just want to make sure I correctly state taxes, shipping etc. (and Fl sales tax/county tax procedures are going to KILL me!) But the best part of this?!!?!?!? I am officially Raspberry Sunshine, LLC!! I received all my forms and paperwork in the mail Friday.  I have all required work done and can even buy wholesale! It’s a really nice feeling and a good motivator to take that next little step.

So my fellow crafty friends, what’s on your menu this week?

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