Menu Monday’s! What’s on your menu?



Happy Monday says the G-Money Clown Cowboy! (M’s words not mine!) This is a shot of my husband at his large store meeting last night. He takes so much pride in his work and when there is something important he needs to say to his teams, he enjoys making a pretty big production.  It pumps up his employees and gets them ready for a new season or a big event. With M, you can be sure that a meeting like this will involve something crazy funny! Last night he put on a good one.

This picture is from his i-Phone, so while it’s a bit fuzzy I can still describe the events: He exits the back room to loud rock-n-roll music. Strutting his stuff, he spreads his hands wide to announce his presence and to start the meeting. At some point I believe some of his managers come out as well.  Before he begins, he struts some more with the spurs on the back of his…hiking boots?? Hmm, okay. Moving up he has a huge dollar necklace that announces he is G-Money followed by a fetching Lowe’s vest and a stylish cape and clown wig. I have no idea the what the official ‘look’ was suppose to be, but you can probably get a good idea about his personality from this shot . I think his sense of humor is one of the things I love most about him, and it is one of the traits that makes him such a successful general manager.

So my Menu Monday will pale in comparison to my husbands unique display of employee encouragement and company togetherness.  I must say that while I love my husband dearly, I will stick to my sewing machine and yelling at my Juki when it skips a stitch.  My employees run smooth, occasionally steamy , but for the most part happy!

Still on the menu is me plugging away at my first .pdf file pattern.  I am on my 3rd prototype, but have stopped to explore options for closing it with something besides bias tape.  I am also putting on the finishing touches on the latest handbag pattern I’m testing for Sara over at  Sew Sweetness.  This bag is my favorite yet, and the most challenging!  If you want a nice roomy bag with great shape this is it.  I will post a picture of it after she’s released it in her store.

I also finished my sew-along clutch, so I need to start researching a bit on some unique sewing feet I’m going to try for a challenge this month. I will share those feet and maybe a quick tutorial this week.  If I’m lucky and have a chance I’m going to share an adorable Japanese book on patchwork I got last week.  I am a total patchwork newbie, but this book needs no translations because I have discovered an APP that helps me translate it! Best. Invention. Ever.

So what’s on your menu this week?  Any cowboy clowns?!

Check out my clutch over at  Flickr-RaspberrySunshine as well as on the See Kate Sew Flickr Group.


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