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I’m getting this up late I know, but there is so much wonderfulness to share today besides my plans for the week! Before I share my to-do list, I wanted to tell everyone that Sara over at Sew Sweetness is releasing her Petrillo Bag today!  If you have not yet tried out any of her patterns head over and go shopping. Her directions are very clear and descriptive with colorful pictures throughout. There are also tons of hints and tips that make the whole process easier. What I love about this bag is the huge interior interfaced pocket with magnetic snap! I could easily put book or e-reader in it and it would be safe from all the other items in the bag. I have been using The Petrillo all week and it can carry a good amount of items and still hold it’s shape nicely. I used the automotive headliner again, which I think helps a lot.

Click on her pattern below and it will take you directly to her site where you can shop for this pattern and many new fresh releases. Congrats Sara on another successful pattern launch, and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a tester!

This week is Spring Break at our house. I think it is safe to say it will be a “To-Try-List” instead.  Maybe I’ll stick to small projects.
  • * After a reader comment on my ribbon foot post, she was curious if it would sew ric-rac. Well, now I’m curious too. I think I will experiment with that and also double ribbon stitching I read about.
  • * I am trying to loosely translate a page from a new Japanese patchwork book I got last week. Patchwork is new to me, so I’ll share the book and some pictures of that.
  • * Riley Blake Designs just released their video tutorial and directions for their March Mystery Block, so I’m going to watch that a few hundred times in hope that I do better on this months block than last months.
  • * My goal is to make a few of these *unnamed* totes for my shop this week. (That may be a stretch!)
    * Continue working on my Up & Over Travel Pouch pattern.  I am in the middle of writing and sewing another prototype and so far so good.
  • I think I’ll stop there for now.  Need to make a plan of attack for the boys this week. What’s on your menu for the week?

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    1. Isn’t it cute?! This month’s Mystery Block was pretty easy so it only took me an hour or so. I didn’t realize how fun fabric piecing was until I tried it….another thing to add to my TDL!

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