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I’m taking a much needed break right now from the assembly line going on in my studio. My hands are a little tired, but I managed to get all the kids from the bus stop and have some quiet time with them. With state FCAT testing going on there is no homework but they are usually tired and want a snack and their X-Box. So when all three of my boys getting straight-A’s this year, I think they deserve a little down time!

How was your weekend? Did you get any projects or to-do lists completed? I was a bit under the weather, but I did manage to sew a bit, work on my e-pattern and take a lot of handbag pictures. I also had the pleasure of watching the boys and some of their friends have water balloon wars in the backyard.  I managed to stay nice and dry, but it was so much fun to watch their antics.

My biggest to-do check off this weekend this:

photo 2

After my studio clean up last weekend, I managed to clip a little bit of fabric off the corners of my fabric and finally complete my sample fabric book! The binder I used is the same one I have for my recipes, my day planner HERE , and also now for my fabric inventory. I liked the small look of the binder and how it looked more like a NERF binder than anything else!  The sheets are business card sleeves.  All can be purchased at Staples or your favorite office supply store.

Now that my fabric collection is growing, I need to have visuals on what I have and how much of it I have left.  Written on the actual cards are information like this: Purchased at, Cost per yard, how many yards purchased and small notes to myself.  This method works for me, but you could easily buy a bigger binder and use baseball card sleeves.  Do you keep track of your fabric storage? If so, how?

Now for my plans for the week:   Today I started my assembly line of fabric cutting.  No interfacing. No sewing. Just cutting and ironing.  Not my favorite part, but has to be done. The rest of the week will be spent putting together a few custom orders and working on some new bags. I hope to work on my e-pattern which is coming along, but slowly.  Intermixed with this will be a Boy Scout meeting, T-ball games, general housework and the much anticipated Boy Scout Pinewood Derby!

So what’s on your menu this week?

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  1. Cindy you amaze me. It makes so much since to do it that way. Also to be able to show a sample to people so quickly would be great. I know I would not be able to keep it up to date. I just look at my fabric and figure out what I have not the best way to do it but so far it seems to work for me.

    1. Aww 🙂 Thanks! This binder took a few weeks to do. Mostly because it was boring to me LOL! But I knew if I did a little at a time while the boys were at school I’d eventually get it done. What bugs me the most is that I have two swatches with no ID and they are the two fabrics I would love to get bolts of. It’s a linen blend of sort but oh what I would do to have some again!


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