Menu Monday’s ~ What’s on Your Menu?


Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend with friends and family.  This weekend was the annual Boy Scout Pinewood Derby for our pack.  We only had two of the boys participate this year. Z is a Webelo now and while he didn’t place, he loved his monster-truck interpretation.  Youngest will be a Tiger Cub next year so he participated in the Sibling Division. And wouldn’t you know my boy won his division! He was so excited and to say he did a happy dance was an understatement. He has been showing his car and ribbons to everyone who comes by.

So now it’s back to school, schedules and activities.  I spent most of my day in the studio switching between starting this: (Pattern Testing – I even quilted the Heather Bailey exterior myself)

photo 1


This… (Finishing up a custom order and starting a new one)

photo 2


And this: (Trying to organize all my patterns I have either bought, made or are working on)

photo 3


There was also a lot of pressing washed cotton and attaching interlining, but words can describe that job: Boring!  At least I had soft dewy skin afterwards.

I guess it’s pretty obvious that today was a jumble of miscellaneous projects. But honestly, I tend to function better and be more productive when I have a few projects going at the same time.  If I get antsy or frustrated from one project I can take a step back and work on another project. It works for me. Do you ever do this, or are you a one-at-a-time project kinda person?

For the rest of the week I am going to be continuing on all these mini projects and may start a few more.  What’s on your menu this week?


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