~Menu Monday’s~ What’s on your plate?


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend and are off to a good start to the week.  My kiddos started school today, so they were up and going at 6:30am this morning.  All of our boys were excited for the new school year to start, so getting them ready this morning was actually quite painless.  We’ll see how long that lasts!

Here are the ever popular first-day shots of the boys.

DSC_01407th GradeDSC_0130

4th grade

DSC_01321st Grade

After I got the boys off to school I sat down in my studio and started working on my sewing game plans.  Now that I have all day to work, I need to set a daily schedule on my WIP’s and goals I want to set.  So I spent some time today doing that.  I also finished a paper pieced trivet for the Zakka Sew-Along.  It turned out really cute and the best part?  I made it from digging around in this:

DSC_0143My Tula Pink Saltwater giganto scrap bin from my Craftsy quilt.  I found all my pieces there and still didn’t make a dent! I will share some trivet and Zakka information tomorrow.

So what are you working on this week? I plan to add the border to my BOM quilt, organize and do some paperwork/tax stuff, and list some marine vinyl totes on Etsy.

What’s on your menu for the week? ~Cindy~


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