Moonshine Sew-Together Bag – Finally!

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Several months ago I purchased the Sew-Together bag by SewDemented.  I may have shared a few WIP of this bag on the blog, but I got to the bias binding on the sides and zipper and stopped.  As many of you know, bias and I don’t get along quite well.  So I put it aside for a bit.


Days later, after seeing many more of these beautiful bags over the blogosphere, I decided to finally bite the bullet and get the bag out and finish it!  So here it is, in all it’s Tula Pink Moonshine glory!  I am SO happy I finished it.


Don’t you just love this bag?  I don’t think I have seen any bloggers who do not love this pattern, have you?  This is the perfect bag to give as a gift.  I would love to enlarge this pattern and make it bigger.  Has anyone tried?  I bet it would look cute no matter what size.

The pattern itself is not overly hard, just a lot of steps and going slow to make sure everything lines up (and of course the cursed bias!) I do have to say the pattern wasn’t as descriptive in some areas as I needed. This blogger did a fantastic Quilt Barn Sew-Along. Really helped me out visually. I actually printed out her posts and put it in the ziploc with the original pattern. Win-Win.


On a totally different tangent, the 318 Patchwork Patterns Quilt-along started today!  Finding this book (originally in Japanese) was nearly impossible to find. World Book Media took care of that by publishing the English version, out now. I ordered 10 copies for my store so if you would like your own copy head over HERE to grab one for yourself!  If you would like to follow the Quilt-along it is being hosted HERE.  The guest bloggers know their paper piecing so expect to learn a lot!  Happy Sewing!

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