Moving on…cleaning up…again


So here is a shot of my scrap bins (well, I did take a bit out so it wouldn’t look so bad, but still…) Every fabric crafter has some sort of scrap area. Bins, baskets, thrown in the corner, you name it we have it.  At first I tried to sort the fabric by size, one bin for my favorite linen duck, one bin for interfacing, one for the bigger scraps, etc.  Yeah, didn’t work for long.

So what I did yesterday and today was resort it. Again. This time I took pieces and cut them into 5″x5″, 3″x3″ and longer strips from 2″ wide to 12″ long. I put bigger scraps that I could use for clutches, etc in one bin, kept the interfacing in another and my linen-duck in another. When I had finished, I had a 8″ high stack of 3×3 squares and enough 5×5 squares for my kids to craft with. Good deal in my book. I think I may take the longer skinnier scraps and make a quilted tote with them. I do love a good everyday tote!

We are expecting our first snow/storm of the year this weekend. So after I stock up on a few necessities and get the snow gear out for the kiddos I may find time to find something clever to do with the scraps.  I like the cold, but only in small spurts so sewing in a nice warm sewing studio will work for me! Cindy

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  1. I used to do a lot of quilting, and the scraps came in so handy, but now that I don’t really do that as much I need to think of a creative way to use them. Maybe I will just mail them to you and you can put them in those nifty baskets 😉 Enjoy the snow. J

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