My Camisole Dress ~ Yes, That’s Me.


Yup, that’s me. Squinting in the sun and enjoying 70 degree temperatures in my bare feet. If I could have found a digital sticker to put on my head to just show the camisole I would have. Many thanks goes out to middle son who stopped playing and eating his afternoon snack to shoot a few pictures of me.

2014-05-08 17.43.21As I mentioned earlier in the week, this is the first time I have sewn anything clothing related for me in literally 15 years, but when I saw the tutorial and pattern for this camisole I knew I had to make it. It was a very straightforward pattern:  Front and back pieces cut on a fold, 2 long pieces of handmade bias tape, and elastic.   The fabric I used was Melody Miller’s  Arrows Fabric – Ruby Star from Kokka.

2014-05-08 17.42.30The Kokka-Fabric post had a pair of denim capris and a white shirt with their camisole, so I copied the look.  I tell you though, I am 5’10” so I added another 2″ to the bottom and an extra 1″ to the arm for my height. Worked like a charm.  After Z took these shots I played around with the camisole a bit and thought of a few more pieces of clothing I could pair it up with.  What about a pair of cream leggings and cream tank under the camisole?  Maybe add a thin belt?  It’s a very light and comfortable top, so I think it will get some use this summer for sure!  And I must say not bad for my first top in nearly 15 years, huh?

2014-05-08 17.41.26So is this the start of a new chapter in my sewing life? I don’t think so.  Handbags are my thing, but it was fun to branch out like this and realize I can sew more than accessories, even if I am a wee bit rusty still!

Thanks for reading! Cindy

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