My First Pinterest Hack!


Well, I did it.  I finally took a pin off my boards (and this pin is on A LOT of boards!) and actually completed it!  The best part? It took under an hour and was so simple! Plus, I actually made something for me and it was knit! Go me!

2014-03-23 10.13.57
This wrap is said to be a version of the Bina Brianca Wrap.  I’m not familiar with them, but after I finished reading the article I knew just the material I would use.  So I went into my stash and pulled out a ribbed jersey knit I got from a huge estate sale I went to a few years back. It’s a pretty dusky rose color -does that make sense?- and looks nice with my skin tone so after a good wash and dry I laid it out on the floor to measure and begin marking.
2014-03-23 10.11.35
The directions on the site are not detailed and give only brief instructions so I pretty much winged it.  Also, since I only had a 60″ x 60″ square piece to work with I had to get creative.  I did not make 3 panels like the directions said, but I can see how that would help people with varying sizes and shapes. I’m 5’10” and my panel came to mid thigh when draped over my shoulders. So what I ended up doing was making a mark about 1/3 of the way in from the left and right end, and a mark 1/2 way from top and bottom. I made a 12″ vertical cut from this mark (6″up and 6″down) to make the armholes.
2014-03-23 10.13.04
After I made the armhole cuts I took it over to my Janome DC2012 to start finishing off the edges. I have never sewn with knits before so after going through some of my old college fashion construction books I decided a nice lettuce-edge would be perfect.  I set my machine to a basic zig-zag stitch with lowered length and width and off I went.  The key to making the lettuce edge on this material was to really keep the material flat and taut as you go. Once you finish a side and release hold of the fabric you’ll see nice wavy edges!
I am very proud of myself for sewing something not only for me, but also because it was with a material I’ve never used. And now that I’ve made this one, I want to make a few more! Heaven knows we still have plenty of cold temperatures and snow up here for me to use them! Have a great Monday and thanks for reading. xo Cindy

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