My Mountain of Ties…..


Earlier in the week, I promised to show a picture of the mountain of ties I found in the estate sale. So here they are! Quite the funky variety, huh? Before I can use them though I need to put them on a delicate ‘fluff’ in the dryer to get rid of the slightly musty smell. The picture you see are the ones I kept, which is close to 75 ties. I took the remaining ties I didn’t want and donated them to the local Goodwill.

I was asking earlier what could I do with these ties and I received quite a few cute ideas. Once these ideas started becoming too hard for my tired brain to remember, I decided to start a new board on Pinterest. My new board is called “Re-Use * Re-Cycle * Re-Sew”.  In one sitting I found 11 different crafts to do with old ties and 1 link to a HUGE list of tie craft tutorials. So be sure to check out these fabulous links of bloggers all over the world using up their grandaddy’s old ties!!

I scored bonus find yesterday while I was hunting through books from the estate. A cute book called: Daddy’s Ties bye Shirley Botsford. This is the link to the book on Amazon, where they will let you take a peek inside to see her tie crafts. Enjoy the new pins and inspiration! See ya later ~ Cindy

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