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I love reading the London-based Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine on my iPad.  It’s not just quilting goodness I’ll see each month either.  Many times a quick pouch, bag or other small quick sew is presented as well.


Issue 34 arrived recently and in it was The Oslo Craft Bag by Sara Lawson from Sew Sweetness. Who can resist sewing up a bag designed just for our crafts?!  I was also in desperate need of a storage solution next to my Juki and this one looked to fit the bill.


For my Oslo, I used prints I’ve had in my stash from JoAnn’s for some time, and also my favorite natural linen for strong handles.  Soft and Stable and Pellon SF101 are added for structure and stiffness. If you don’t have Soft and Stable use headliner or Bosal InRFoam. You need it to keep it standing upright.


Oslo is also very pocket-happy, which I love!  Two slip pockets a center divider are added on the inside. The outside has two side snap pockets, 3 pleated roomy pockets on one side and a larger one on the other.

Now that mine is done, I’m able to use one side for my cone thread and the other for glues, sprays and even my little pressing ham!  I have odds and ends in the exterior pockets that I use occasionally as well as my labels.  Mine is quite heavy, but the straps are on nice and secure if I want to transport it.


Oslo is in no way difficult, but it is a little time intensive due to the added pockets, etc.  But I’d rate it a 2 out of 4.  I had to slow down on the inside because I had never installed a center divider before, but it went smoothly with great directions.

If you’re a fan of Sew Sweetness patterns, you’ll love The Oslo Craft Bag. It’s a great addition to your studio and craft room storage options.

This pattern is only available in Issue 34 of LPQ.  It will not be available at Sew Sweetness. You can get more information HERE, or go to your favorite book retailer (Barnes & Noble sells them) to purchase the issue.  I have my subscription through Zinnio, and you can buy a copy of the magazine HERE.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Your choice of colors and prints are FAB!! That’s an amazing bag; hope it’s for you!! What kind of Linen did you use for your handles?

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