My Quilt Market 2014 Experience


Last year I had the opportunity to make an Aragon Bag for a very talented quilter for Quilt Market.  It was so fun to see her carrying it in pictures, and the opportunity to have something I actually MADE being toted around was awesome.

Well, a few months back I was stunned when I was asked to make a few bags for Tula Pink’s booth for Spring Market. TULA. PINK! After re-reading the e-mail a few times to see if I had actually read it correctly, I said YES!!  I’m a huge Tula Pink fan and I used her Saltwater line in the first quilt I ever made.

After psyching myself up for a few days, I received a box of Moonshine goodness. I was told that Tula wanted a Edelweiss Backpack and a Duffle Bag. So I printed off the pattern and got to work.  Here are the results!

2014-04-18 10.37.00

The backpack exterior is made from the “Forest Frivolity” in silver. She sent a pale pink zipper to be used for the closure which matched the tent perfectly.  The interior of the bag used “Swarm” in charcoal, which I also used for the bias binding inside as well.

2014-04-18 10.35.37

Here is another shot. I just can’t get enough!!! The camping theme here is perfect for this backpack!! And she has all her Moonshine prints in three colorways.

2014-04-18 10.36.30

After I had the backpack sewn up I went to work on the next project, a large duffel.  I don’t think I’ve ever made a bag this large, but when I saw the fabric she picked out for it I knew it would turn out awesome!!  DEER!!!

2014-04-18 10.38.35

With some careful placement of pattern pieces I was able to have tons of deers shown without too much of their antlers cut off!!  This pattern is called “Dear Me” in Strawberry. Wait to you see this print in person!! The blue mixed with the pinks and oranges…perfect.

2014-04-18 10.39.06

This duffel has several zipped pockets, which used a different color zip for each. All strap fabric is “Lantern” in Strawberry. There are regular handles if you want to hold it and also a longer, adjustable strap for cross body.

2014-04-18 10.37.58

I do not have any interior of this duffel to show you, but I can tell you it was all done in “Camo Deluxe” in Strawberry.  This is not your ordinary Camo though, it’s Tula Camo!

If you are a Tula fan, you will love her new line. I have a good stash of her previous lines, but this is the first time I’ve pre-ordered actual bolts of  her line.  I cannot wait until September!  If you are interested in the Edelweiss pattern I used or any of Sara Lawson’s (Sew Sweetness) patterns, head over HERE to get started!  For you Tula fans, Moonshine  will be released end of September.  Thanks for reading my gushing review and exciting news 🙂 Cindy


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  1. Hello: The duffel is beautiful! where can I find the pattern? Thanks!

  2. Hi, I love the duffel bag as well. Where can I get the pattern? thanks

  3. I also love the duffel and would like to know where to get the pattern please!

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