My studio ~ A WIP ~


Most of the boxes are out of the house now and I have begun to tackle my studio.  I have a slightly bigger space here than I did back in Florida, but the layout is different. So here is a shot of my soon-to-be basement studio:


This basement has a jungle theme. So most of the walls are either this brick color or this mustard-y color. The other side of the basement has this huge mural of a jungle, so I made sure my studio was on the opposite end of it!! I see a huge paint job in my future, don’t you? There are also 2 very small windows, so natural lighting is pretty much nonexistent.



Yesterday I was able to get all my fabric out of the packing boxes and get them sorted into a few baskets I have.  In previous houses, I’ve always used the Expedit IKEA cubes for storage. The 4×4 cube was able to make it down to the studio, but not the 5×5. It was just too big. So now I have all my scrapbooking and business items in the 4×4. I also have IKEA rods to hang on the walls to hang my sample and tester bags so I hope that won’t be too difficult.


I did manage to find two pieces of furniture that we couldn’t place up stairs and turned them into my library, pattern and shipping area:

UntitledSo excited at least one area of my studio is done!  Tomorrow I am going to give all my machines a good oiling and tune-up to make sure the move didn’t wiggle anything around. I also need to start thinking of how I want to store my fabrics. Any ideas?


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