On my hunt for holiday decorations for the house this past week, I found 5 wire dress forms at the local Marshall’s. I have seen them before in various stores. Some were really small for jewelry, others were larger and wire thicker.  Most of all, they were usually very expensive and I couldn’t justify buying one. So when I saw these in the home decor area I almost walked right past them assuming they’d be pricey again, but then I saw a red sticker.  You know that sticker….the one that screams clearance. Lo and behold, all 5 were on clearance! So I started looking them over and saw that 3 had a frilly-wavy skirt bottom, the other 2 boxy. All were in great condition and very sturdy. So for $25 bucks, I grabbed one and brought it home!!

Should I name her? She’s so pretty! If I didn’t plan to use her for photo shoots with my handbags, I may leave her out as a decor piece for a room in my house. Besides the cute frilly ends of the skirt I really like the cuff near the shoulder.  I tested a few of my bags on the form and  think they photographed well. What do you think?

I must tell you that when you live in a house full of boys, the ‘female’ frills and decor sometimes gets buried under the man-stuff. So having a pretty find like this sitting out in the house is really nice.  Tomorrow I’ll post a handbag experiment that turned out a big time success and looked super-cute on my new dress form! Happy Monday everyone and hope you have a great start to the week. Cindy

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