My Wonderful Package Arrived!


There is a wonderful blog I  follow called Japanese Sewing Books.  The blog is written by yifarn a mom living in Singapore, and is all about the wonderful world of Japanese sewing books!  Japanese sewing books are simple, very descriptive with great pictures and the talent is amazing. And when I started up sewing again, I found a few on ebay to read through and get ideas and inspiration from and I’ve been collecting ever since.  And yes, I cannot read or speak the language but if you have Google translate and a lot of patience you can figure your way around the book.

A few weeks ago, yifarn had a contest on her Facebook page and the winner received a Japanese sewing book on the theme of his/her choice. Mine was, of course, handbags. So imagine my surprise when I received a note telling me I won! WooHoo!! I never win giveaways!  So yesterday when I got home from running errands with the boys the postman arrived with an airmail package from Singapore. When I opened it, out came a new handbag pattern book, fabric labels (which are totally awesome- and why don’t they sell them here?!?!) and some cute post it strips. There was also a cute mini book with a quilted handbag pattern.  I am so blown away by my prize and am so thankful to yifarn for sending it to me. THANK YOU!!

What makes yifarn so great is that her blog features these sewing books. And she is great at varying the topics: handbags, Zakka, children’s and adult. She has excellent lists of translated sewing terms and is always so generous in answering your questions and translation requests, which is serious work!  In addition to her blog, she has a great Flikr group and Facebook page and is posting links, translations and book reviews many times a week. If you are obsessed with Japanese sewing as I am head on over to her blog and say hello! Thank you yifarn for the cute goodies and for sharing all your books and translations with us! I appreciate it 🙂





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