One at a time? Or Multiple?


photo 1This was the view of my work table yesterday. My original plan was to work on a bag pattern and finish the actual bag, but after I actually finished the bag I started getting antsy. The pattern and bag then went to a section of my table. This trend continued with a few more things on my to-do list until the boys came home.

I don’t typically work like this. I usually work on one project and stay with it until completion. But lately I have found that I’m more productive if I have several projects going at the same time.  I am still reaching my goals and checking items of my list, I’m just going about it differently now.  It’s working for me.  How do you schedule your crafty time?

This morning, I worked on the next Zakka 2.0 Sew-Along project which is an iPad sleeve.  I am trying to use scraps or leftover small pieces from my stash, so I found this adorable hexie fabric for the exterior. (see above/below) I believe it may be Michael Miller.

photo 1-2The directions call for quilting the cover and sleeve, so I stitched around each large hexagon instead. I also quilted the sleeve, but the fabric has some really funky lines on it. After some thinking, I decided just to sew between many of the squiggly lines.  It turned out nice.

photo 2I will set this project aside for the day I think.  Next up will be to list some fabric destash baggies in my shop.  I hope to add more in the next few days as well, so check it out HERE.

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