Packing away the Bags


It’s so nice to look over to my craft table and see a handful of completed bags! Now that we’re moving soon and showing the house many times a day, I have had to get creative about displaying my bags. I have set up quite a few on some hooks on my IKEA rod for “show”,  but they are multiplying and it’s getting harder to display them.

Since it’s cold, wet and just plain icky outside I spent some time packaging my bags. Not quite the way I’m going to package them for my Etsy store, but more for moving at this point. So the picture you see above are quite a few of my bags packaged and ready to go into a secure Rubbermaid for the Big Move. I am really quite stressed about the move but know that when the packers get to my studio, they will hopefully let me guide them as to how I want everything packed up. Have you moved your studio long distances with a moving company? How did you prepare your precious cargo for the move?

Now that most of my bags are packed away, I can start a few smaller projects that have been brewing in my head.  I also just purchased Lisa Lam’s new e-book “3 Beautiful Bags”. If you are linked up to her Facebook, she gave out some coupon codes for it yesterday that helped a bit too!  There is the most adorable 3-in-1 backpack pattern in there that I may try this week with some new fabric I bought from the local fabric store. Lots of Moda Sweetwater…YUM! Cindy

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  1. Hi! Thank you for the comment on my blog. Silly me accidentally deleted it. Oopsie. I think I’ll grab your button while I’m here and put it on my blog. We bag ladies must stick together! Where are you moving to? I’m going to be moving home to Canada in August, so I know what it’s like!

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