PicMonkey Is My New Hero


I have been looking for new online photo editing software for some time now.  I have tried too many programs to count with little success, so I typically would just upload my pictures to my MacBook Pro and do a little editing there. I am an average photographer at best, so finding an easy photo editing program that offers not only photo editing, but tons of free goodies was my dream.

Enter PicMonkey

Heaven people. This program totally rocks. PicMonkey makes it so easy to upload and edit your picture.  And from what I’ve seen today, they will be adding more editing options in the future. I think it is safe to say PicMonkey is going to my bookmarks bar to use when I want to play with my pictures. Thank you PicMonkey!!

This little project of mine wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t read my Google Reader this morning! I must give a huge shout-out to Taylor from Taylor Made who wrote an excellent tutorial on how to create a Facebook timeline cover.  I literally spent an hour and had it uploaded ready to go.  So head on over to her site and she’ll walk you right through it. Hey, if I can do this anyone can. Have fun! Cindy


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