Purse Week 2012 – A Lemon Squeezy Home!



I have been a follower of A Lemon Squeezy Home since I discovered her Purse Week 2011 contest. I had just started up sewing again and told myself that if she had the contest in 2012 I’d enter. Well, in my blog feed this morning she posted the information for her 2012 contest. I am so excited to join the contest this year!! And let me say, as a SAHM I am so happy she has given such a long time frame to complete the contest!!

So if you are a handbag fanatic and would like to enter Purse Week 2012, click on the link above. The rules and directions are posted on her site and she has also created a Flickr Group as well: Purse Week 2012. So head on over and join the fun. I’ll post updates on my creation here on the blog as well. Happy Monday!



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