Recycled Duckies


My previous post shared just how many little projects I have going on my table and in my head. Well, I spend the last few days working on a tall tote with some new fabric I found at Hancocks.   The blue exterior fabric is a medium-weight home decor with a look of denim to it. The yellow stripe I used for the lining, straps and top band is also a medium weight home decor. The fun part of this project was my duckie accent. It is recycled from an old shower curtain I used in the boys bathroom when they were younger. Now older and cooler, duckies are not allowed in a boys bathroom (so say the punks) so I cut out 6 ducks from the curtain and have been saving them for something.  I am so happy with the results, I may have enough fabric to make a few more.

I think this would make an excellent day trip tote/diaper bag for a busy mom. I put in a small magnetic snap to close as well as six interior pockets for storing goodies. I made the tote taller than I normally do so someone could easily put a change of clothes, snacks or bottles inside if needed.  I also stitched a 1/2″ twill ribbon around the front for added security and color.

Add some simple top stitching, some fabric guard and I’m done! I’d love to use it for myself, but this one’s going in the shop hopefully with a few more like it.  Next up is a bag and matching cosmetic case for a family member. I have finished the cosmetic case, so hopefully I will have some time this weekend to work on the bag. Have a great weekend! Cindy

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  1. Cindy I Love it, so cute it is so hard when you make things and want to keep them. Boy we would have tons of bags if we did.

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