Say Hello to the Amethyst Bag!


Sara’s done it again!  A creative new pattern, guaranteed to turn out great and impress the people you sew for.  It’s the Amethyst Bag:

This bag is the perfect addition to your craft and hobby center. The wrap around zippered closure secures items inside so you can grab it and take it where you want to. Better yet, make multiples to use as craft-specific storage in your studio.

Finished Size:        14” long x 13” high x 3” deep                 (35.5cm x 33cm x 7.5cm)

The lining features a bottom mesh zippered pocket, a small zippered pouch on top as well as  elastics for holding pens or other items. (My sample omitted the elastics and I centered the pouch.) The bottom of the case has an elastic buckle strap to hold larger loose items in place.

If you are a confident sewist, it is super easy to modify the mesh and pouch to suit your needs.  Try two mesh pockets, one large mesh pocket, multiple zippy pouches and more!  I would say this pattern is perfect for a confident sewist.

Sara has this noted in her pattern, but if you are running into issues finding a 40” handbag zipper (if using a zipper roll, you’ll need 40-1/2”) – a parka zipper will also work.  I had no long zipper rolls or zips in my stash, so a quick JoAnn run and a Parka zip later I was in business!  The teeth are wider and the tape is too, but it was perfect and SO EASY to sew with. Opens and closes smoothly.  This may not be an option for many sewing patterns, but for Amethyst it worked perfectly.

Sara has this cute new pattern available in her shop: and has tons of tester pics and more on her blog today:

Have a great weekend everyone!


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