Sorry I missed WIP Wednesday!  I have a 5yo MacBook Pro that needed to be updated to OS X Yosemite Tuesday night.  I uploaded it, went to bed and in the morning discovered that Satan had taken over my computer.  The lag time was horrible and most of the sites I frequent (my shop and blog) would not load properly.  After reading a million comments on Apple support I finally ended up uninstalling Safari and cleaning a few other parts of the computer and switched over to Google Chrome. Not fun, my my heart now belongs to Google.

So here is my late WIP Wednesday and a few other fun things I’ve been up to this week.



Have you looked under this hashtag lately?   After seeing a TON of the most colorful log cabin blocks surface on Instragram over the past few week all labeled with this hashtag I got out my huge bag of scraps and decided to join in!

If you read this post by Fishcreek Studio, you’ll see how this #scrappylogcabinQAL is being run.  And while I am following along, my log cabin blogs are being quilted-as-you-go. I cut 10″ batting pieces and sew my log cabins as I go. (See above)

What I love about these blocks are that they make the most random scrap strips look pretty!  My blocks are 8 1/2″ finished and so far I have these 6 done.  I have been using my Featherweight, Gracie to work on 1 each day while my kids do their homework.  I wonder how many I can finish before my scraps run out?!

So in addition to my everyday antics, I have added this to my afternoon sewing. I will call it my “homework”.


My two big projects this week involve finishing up my first e-pattern and the pretty you see above.  This is the only clue I can give you right now, but it’s an exciting “first” for me and I cannot wait to share it with you.

Happy Thursday!

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