Selvedge & Patchwork Quilt Blocks


I finally dug into my bin of selvedge strips Tuesday.  My initial idea was to make a large tote with it, but now that they are done I’m just not sure.   With this bin of scraps I was able to make 10 – 7″x7″ blocks.  Not too shabby.  I used a piece of felt to initially place the strips on, but then realized I wanted it thicker so I added a layer of batting underneath. So in total I had the row of strips, felt and batting being stitched on.  It made a nice sturdy block.


These were fun, mindless blocks to work on.  I brought my Janome upstairs to the breakfast nook to work on them so I could enjoy all this sun we’ve been getting.  My Floridian blood was happy!

12172491574_91c9927e5e_bAs promised, here is my first quilt block from my personal quilt block challenge.  It’s called “Bow”.  I was so happy with how it turned out until I realized I made one fatal error.  Can you find it?  I’m putting this finished block in my box now and will continue on, but I know I’ll go back at some point and re-do it.  Doesn’t it drive you nuts when you make small sewing mistakes?!?!

I think I’m going to scan the next block today and start that. This one has a lot of empty space, so I need to think about what solid I want to use.  I am also waiting for the UPS man to deliver my first leather back! After many months, I have found a great company that sells beautiful leather that can allow me to make custom leather handbag straps and totes. So excited!!

Happy Thursday and thanks for reading! xo Cindy


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  1. It was hard to find! But I have done that a lot. You are a bit short on your green in one spot? I find it helpful to put pins on the end points on the paper side. Then when I flip it over to the side the fabric is on, and I want to line up my fabric, I can make sure I am outside the pins by at least 1/4″ to make the seam allowance.
    Does that make sense?

    looks great though!

    1. Totally makes sense and I do that for the most part, I think the fabric must have slipped a bit or I didn’t have a pin near it. I will go back eventually and do it over because while others may not notice, It’ll drive me nuts!

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