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Hi all!  I am in the middle of a few projects at the moment, so I wanted to stop for a bit and share what they are.  Some are going better than others, but that is the case most of the time around here!

Ongoing Project: Month 4 of the 1718 Coverlet QAL:

If you read THIS post you know I’ve busy sewing this coverlet since January.  We do anywhere from 10-16 blocks a months and try to keep it somewhat in order.  As of this month, the top 3 rows have been completed and sewn along with a handful of other blocks starting new rows.


I knew going into this that there is A LOT of applique in this coverlet, but April’s blocks are killing me. I have done very little applique, but with Sarah Fielke and other fabulous quilters on our FB page I thought I could get through the harder ones.  Uh, no.

Case in point. Pattern 2, Original Block 56.  The partridge.

IMG_2099I like that there are images of the pattern and finished block, but NOT when I have to look at my poor pidgey and wonder how it went so wrong…..  Sigh.  The tutorials in the book are not helping at this point. I really wanted to try the turn-under method everyone is doing but at this point I am searching for my box of fusible adhesive.  I will only share my pigeon with you if/when it resembles one. Deal?

I am also fine-tuning my Diane Tote pattern and am just about done!!  I can’t wait to share the tester pictures with you!

Current WIP:  Soft&Stable, Bosal, & Flex-Foam Sewing Test


Finally got my hands on Pellon’s new Flex-Foam  (FF77) $9.99/yd at JoAnn’s.  There were 3 bolts there and I was nice and only took 5 yards with my coupon.  After I shared my image on IG, I received many e-mails asking how I like it and how it compared to other foam-like interlinings.  So I thought I would do a sewing test of sorts.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 2.39.52 PM

I am making 3 bucket bags at the moment, each using a different foam.  I should be done tomorrow, so when I am done going over my notes and images I will share my findings here.  Hope you’ll check in to see the review!


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