Webhosting. Check.

Server. Check.

WordPress. Check.

Design, Buttons, Blog Decor? Uh, not so much.

I have a blog layout designed. On paper. I have color ideas and fonts. On paper.  What I don’t have is a natural talent for web design and Adobe Illustrator.

So for now I will only say that Raspberry Sunshine is my future home to all things handbags, wallets and other bag-like items. I am a bag ‘ho’ and change them daily. I design them, sew them and carry them around to share with friends.

My goal is to have a spectacular website filled with my own designs, patterns and links to wonderful blogs that love handbags as much as I do!

Being a former Home Economics teacher, I love all things crafty and kitcheny. So I am sure you will see a bit of that sprinkled in here as well.

I hope to be back once I have the site looking all nice and pretty. Or if I run out of patience, you’ll see some words like you do today slapped on the screen!

Until we meet again ~


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