Am I ever happy it’s Friday!!  This has been an insane week of appointments, a child getting a tooth pulled and a lovely stomach virus thrown in there for fun.  And while I am very happy it’s Friday I am also a bit nervous as my hubby will be having knee surgery this morning. I just pray this time they will be able to help correct the issues he’s having so he can go a day without knee pain.  I am blessed that my MIL drove over to spend the night with us so she can take M to and from the surgery so I can get the kids to school and make sure I’m home when they are (it’s a half-day). Phew! I may need a chocolate IV by t0night!!

If you have your business or blog on Facebook, my bloggy friend CraftLee is co-hosting a cool Facebook follow party this weekend.  Head on over and meet some new bloggers! Have a great day everyone. Cindy

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