The Handbag Visual Vocabulary!


I found this on Pinterest this morning. A handbag visual vocabulary! I want to add Sling Bag to this list. Do you have any more to add?


Source: ENÉRIE

Have a great weekend everyone! See you Monday. ~Cindy~

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  1. How about a handbag! ha, ha! They gave a tote with handles that won’t go over shoulders, but what about a bag with handles not for shoulders that is not a large tote, does not have a flap and is not baguette, or bucket shaped? It can happen, I know it can. TECHNICALLY if it had a bottom it would be a bucket or a tote, but…. not by their description.
    And… it could a removable shoulder strap, but it’s still not a duffle.

    1. LOL!!!!! The creators of this ‘vocabulary’ should know this is only the beginning 😉 I see pages of interpretation in their future. They forgot sling too!

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