The insanity which is my life…..


I think I saw a few cobwebs on my blog this morning! I have so much to share, but when you’re moving a family of 5 from Florida to New York life seems to go in warp speed.  Let’s see, what have I been doing since my last post?

– We listed our house down here and found a house in NY! After a bidding war, we got the house and close..eek the week of Thanksgiving! Have mercy.

– Cleaning. Cleaning. Cleaning. Someone buy my house because it’s SPOTLESS!! Please?

– Inspectors, Appraisers and Termites, oh my!

– Organizing the house and donating items that have been outgrown or not played with anymore.

Whew! I think I need a coffee just writing this. I have also been deep in the boys activities. Scouting, FFA, Band Practices, Karate and Guitar Lessons (which I love because there is a Jo-Ann’s next door!) and getting ready to get their school transcripts ready to go. This keeps me super busy, but it’s wonderful to see them relaxing and enjoying themselves.

What about my sewing, you say?  Here’s a glimpse:

photo 1

I am in the process of sewing a custom Aragon Bag that will be worn to Quilt Market soon!  I’ll share more of that story soon, I hope. I am also in the middle of cutting and sewing a few other projects, so my craft room looks like a bomb. I just love fabric bombs don’t you?

photo 3But here, my friends, is what I want to be doing at the moment. A nice long cat nap. But pretty fabric calls and projects are wishing to be complete, so off I go.  Have a great hump day ! Cindy



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