The Never-Ending Quilt Project Is About To End!


It all started late last summer when I saw Bonnie & Camille’s Scrumptious line. I immediately ordered a fat quarter bundle and started planning my quilt.

Well, it’s nearly one year later but I am so happy to be sharing my white lattice quilt top!!  I attached the last row yesterday and after some serious pressing I sat back to enjoy the view.  I tried getting some shots yesterday between storms, but waited and had better luck today.

2014-08-14 15.27.41

Before I go any further, I must say a huge thank you to my 13yo son who held up the quilt for me so I could get a few shots. Brownie points for you my boy!

2014-08-14 15.27.50The original block pattern came from the book 500 Quilt Blocks by Lynne Goldsworthy & Kerry Green.  I tweaked it a bit to make each finished block 10″ x 10″. This is only my 3rd quilt, but  I must say I lined up my blocks pretty well!!

I am beyond happy with how it turned out! Sometimes I wondered if I bit off more than I could handle, but that’s when I put it aside and did other things. I think that really helped.

Now for the last part ( I already have backing and batting).  This is where I’d love some feedback.  Should I put a white border around this? Just to make the lattice ‘pop’ and to see the binding color better?  If I use a border,  how wide should I make it?

Any ideas?  Thanks for reading and looking at my quilt!  Cindy

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