The Pan-Am Bag


While making a drop off at our local Goodwill I noticed their huge handbag selection in the window. Of course I had to go in and look through the racks to see if I could find anything worthwhile. Hey, for $2.00 a bag I KNOW I’ll find something worthy of taking home! So as I’m going through the racks I noticed this cute little number. The brand is Nine West and the blue leather exterior is in perfect condition. The front has a small vertical zipper perfect for loose change and the interior is a soft cream cotton. Perfect for work or an evening out.

So I grab it up and add it to my cart (I grabbed a few others too…) My first thought when I picked up the Nine West bag was that it reminded me of the new television series Pan Am. It has a very retro 50’s look to it.   So now it adds to my collection of handbags.

Thinking of the new Pan Am show made me wonder about the adorable blue carry-on bags the stewardess’s carry with them and each episode I wonder how I can get my hands on one! Now that would be a fun bag to try to re-create!

Next time, I am going to take a picture of a not-so-hot looking tote I found recently. The only redeeming quality it had were nice leather handles I know I could re-use.  And geesh, the fabric is horrible….

Happy Friday!

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