The Sunshine Sling Bag! Tutorial & Download

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I gave up my weekly Menu Monday’s to work on the finishing touches on my first free tutorial and download. I have previously done a few small tutorials, but this is one I’ve been working for some time now. So without further babbling let me introduce you to:

The Sunshine Sling Bag!

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The inspiration for this bag came from a similar look I saw a woman wearing last year on the t-ball fields. The sling I saw had the tie-top and rounded bottom, but gave off a more bohemian look to it….with lots of beads. But loving the shape kept me interested and I went home to sketch it later.  What you see above is my interpretation. This is now my favorite go-to bag for my kids sporty adventures.


The Sunshine Sling is lightly lined and has optional pockets for extra storage. Besides my normal bag contents, I am able to fit a good book or magazine in there as well as my camera for times I need to take a few shots.  If my bag is not as full I untie the straps then tie it lower so the bag carries higher.


Besides being super roomy, The Sunshine Sling can have many looks.  The sling I used for my pictures did not have closures. This let me have the option to leave the sides out or in.  If you would rather have it closed, it would be so easy to add a nice twill ribbon to use as a closure.

Because of the height of the sling, you are going to want about 1 1/2-2yds for the interior and exterior fabric. Interfacing will be the same.  This bag looks great with both home decor weight and quilt cottons. I used Pellon SF101 for exterior and interior. Sturdy but stable!! I have used a fusible fleece with this, but it does bulk it up making the straps harder to tie.  Use what you like!

Below you will see links to the full-color downloadable direction sheet. It is 8 pages with full color pictures and step by step directions. There is NO pattern sheets to print.  Why, you say?  Well this pattern consists of a 12″ round circle and a 9 1/2″ x 36″ rectangle that will turn into the body/strap area.  So if you have craft paper and some tape you’ll be good to go!    I would rate this bag as a beginner level too so if you are a newbie sewist wanting to make a bag, give it a try!

I really hope you enjoy my first FREE!!! downloadable pattern The Sunshine Sling.  If you do make and complete The Sunshine Sling, I would LOVE to see your finished bag on my FLICKR site.  Thanks for reading and happy sewing!


(PDF )sunshine sling

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  1. I love this bag! I am new to sewing and have always wanted to make a like this one.
    Thank you Cindy for being so generous with your pattern.

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