The “Tail” of the Cat and the PhotoShoot.


We have the most adorable kitten named Boppers. He is a very unique looking cat and up until recently, very skittish and shy. Well, he’s now out of his shell and is a total spazz.  For some reason he has decided that my sewing studio is his favorite place.  If you read my cat post last week you would have seen how thread was wrapped around my Juki and other sewing items. Yup. That was Boppers.

I have now learned to keep my studio door closed when I’m not using it. But there are times when I want it open and within minutes the little punk comes wandering in. This morning I set up some project boards and props to take pictures of some bags. I go get my camera and guess who is ready for his shoot? I know he is rather cute, but I had to shoo him off and try to take a few pictures! All I can say is thank goodness for the crop button on my Mac!

I finished this cute little bag yesterday. It is one of the smaller ones I’ve made, measuring approx. 8″ wide at top and about 12″ tall.  For the handles I moved the tabs to the front for a different look and I LOVE how it turned out. There is also a magnetic snap closure and front pressed pleat. I can picture a cute little girl carrying her trinkets and notes in it. Very simple and cute.

For now, I think the science boards will work out for the photos, but rainstorms won’t help with lighting and I’ll have to find an alternative background for the really dark fabrics. It’s a step in the right direction though and that’s a good thing! Have a great day.


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