14498901205_a9bcfffc4f_zThe boys are FINALLY into their last week of school! Poor things really got suckered this year because they started off the year in Florida where school starts in mid-August and ended in New York where they go until the end of June. To say they are ready for a break is an understatement!

With all the year-end concerts, meetings and scouting events I have put most of my sewing aside to work on smaller projects. The past few days I have been able to sit down for a bit and make two Open Wide Zippered Pouches for T’s teachers.  We are going to put a small gift card and sweets inside as well as two Rainbow Loom rings.  It’s so fun to make handmade gifts for teachers! With oldest starting 8th grade next year and middle starting 5th, they are ‘too cool’ for teacher gifts. I’m glad I have one left to sew for!!

Do you make gifts for your kids teachers?  What is your go-to gift?  Cindy

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  1. These are lovely! I would be thrilled if someone took the time to make me such a thoughtful handmade gift filled with goodies at the end of a busy school year. Where I live in Canada, our school year always goes to the end of June. The children are definitely ready for a break by that time!! I’m ready to have some time to sew and craft myself. I used to make handmade gift for our son’s teachers, too. The gifts would always depend upon what interests the teacher had.

    1. Aww 🙂 Thank you so much Tammy. I’ve always made my boys’ teachers gifts, but it is even more special now that my older two are in middle school and have a TON of teachers. So they give cards and I save my sewing gifts for my youngest who is in first grade. At least I have a few more years!

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