They don’t make things like they use to…..


Have you heard your parents or grandparents say that phrase?  Mine did, and today I am too.  I’m talking about my beef with my handy (or not so handy now) iron. I had a nice inexpensive iron at one time. It died at the rip old age of 15. So a few months back, M went out a bought me a new one. Shark. Really cool and worked great until one day it just stopped working. No warning. No abuse. Dead.

Forward to 1 month ago. Bought a nice Sunbeam. Similar to the old 15 year old one that died. Worked fine. Steamed like a champ until I went to plug it in yesterday. Dead. No abuse. No warning. What is it with me and irons?!?! So I ask anyone who stumbles across this post today, what brand do you use and where can I find it? For a sewer, living without an iron is like missing a body part. I serious cannot get anything done. Well, I can but those projects are not as fun.

What I did do with out my iron is to read through the newest pattern I’m working on.  This was sent by a new blog handbag friend over at Emmaline Bags & Patterns.  I am trying out her new Teardrop bag and will post pictures when I complete it, but for now if you are curious and want to try out an adorable new bag pattern, head on over and download. A PDF file/pattern is a wonderful thing. The fabric you see above? Yeah, that’s sitting in my studio waiting to be ironed…..

Off to drop T at school, then buy a new iron…sigh…Cindy

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  1. Hi Cindy, I’m not much help with your iron problems. Same thing seems to happen to mine, the steam burst button just fell off mine. At least it still works but I miss the extra steam. Thanks again for the PDF they still haven’t fixed the problem so I still can’t down load it. Good luck with the iron, hopefully someone has a great one they use.

  2. Thank you for the mention Cindy! Have you been able to get your iron sorted out? I woudn’t recommend iron, I think it’s a Sunbeam too. I hope you find one you like.

    Janelle @ Emmaline Bags & Patterns

    1. Hey there! I bought a SHARK and so far so good! It came with a 1yr warranty, but better yet……I bought a 2 year additional warranty for $4.99. So I am totally covered now LOL!

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