Throwback Thursday ~ Simplicity Old-School ~


I love a good vintage find. Most of the time I stick to a household item or an awesome old cookbook, but I haven’t had much luck lately. But when we moved to Florida, I found a Goodwill Bookstore and Donation Center.  I go every few months to donate items, but I always stop in to look at the newest donated books.  I have found a ton of books for the boys and have had great luck in the craft section as well.  Their vintage book selections are wonderful and cover every topic you can think of!

So Tuesday I went to make a big drop off and decided to stop in and look around.  Score! I found two really great finds!  One was this beautiful Japanese knitting book.


It’s rough translation is “Color Variations 80 – My Own Colorful Knitting“. ISBN: 9784529048385. (Thanks to my handy iPhone app) The Publisher is Nihon Vogue, which publishes all kinds of wonderful crafty-sewing-knitting goodness.  I am still new to knitting, but after seeing the ponchos and coverups in this book I now have a knitting to-do list!


The other book I snatched up is The Needlework and Crafts Book.    Published by Simplicity in 1973 it covers basic how-to’s and small projects from Needlwork, Rugs, Monograms, quilting and more.

Scan 4

It was so fun to leaf through this book.  And while I admit I was not born in 1973 (close!), I have memories here and there of my younger years. Mostly through colors, music, etc.  So it was a kick to see the heavy orange, avocado greens, yellow colors in the book!  Hello retro!!

Scan 2

So while it’s funny to look at the photography, the topics and how they were presented were well done. And for $.99, who could resist?

Scan 1

Do you collect anything vintage? Where do you have the best luck finding your collections?

I have two more sides on my quilt to bind so I’m going to try and finished that today! I will have lots of pictures to share with you tomorrow so stay tuned! Thanks for reading and have a great Thursday!  ~ Cindy~

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