Menu Monday’s! What’s on Your Menu?



Now say that 3 times fast. On this busy day of historic events, I am at home with the boys watching the Presidential Inauguration and planning out my week to come.  This year on RS I will be starting what I call a “Menu Monday’s”. Here’s what I plan on sharing on Menu Monday’s:

  • What business and blog-related items I plan on working on this week.
  • My current sewing (or non-sewing)projects being worked on.
  • Upcoming activities or projects I’m participating in.
  • And any other juicy fun interesting things bag or craft related that I have to tell you!!

Do you have a menu plan for your blog and craft business?  Everyone has their own particular ways of organizing their business. For me its checklists on paper or online that I can check off. My thoughts need to get written down or my poor tired brain will forget them!!

So here’s my first Menu Monday:  I am  finishing up photos for a bag I am testing for a lovely blog I read. When I get the ok, I’ll share a few pictures with you! I used Ty Pennington fabric for the bag which was a first for me. Here is a shot of the fabrics. Can’t go wrong with a washed grey/orange combo. Seriously love this bag.


This weekend I finally finished and printed my calendar sheets for my yearly planner. I wanted something simple and ‘me’ so I opened up my iPages and created a few sheets of my own. This week I will upload the pages to the blog and share them with everyone. (See the sneak peak above!)

My big menu item of the week is that I actually joined a sew along! Well, I guess you’d call it a quilt-a-long. I have never quilted before, but I am a huge Riley Blake fan so when I saw that they were starting a Mystery Block of the Month last week I signed up.  I mean, it’s one block a month and it’s not full of odd tricks or sneaky patterns so I’m going to jump in and give it a try. I will post updates as I go along and when I finish my block each month. Click on my link to read all about it. So besides getting my kids off to school again tomorrow and starting my week, what’s on your menu?

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