Traveling Handmade – My Style –


Every time we go on an outing or vacation it is pretty much guaranteed that I will be bringing along something handmade.  It is usually a pouch and tablet sleeve, but for bigger vacations I bring a bag too.

In a few weeks I will be going on my 20th Anniversary trip to Jamaica!  I am beyond excited (and a little anxious) for this adventure.  Right away I start planning outfits, luggage and of course the, “Ooh! I should make something!”

First, I decided to purchase my main carry-on tote, a Lug North/South Shopper with RFID-Ace in Cranberry. Purchased at QVC.  This sucker is awesome!! Perfect for a long day of travel and all the little things I like to bring with me. For personal items I wanted to keep super close to me I purchased the matching Lug RFID Mini Crossbody-Can Can in Cranberry Dot. To say I love this little cross-body is an understatement. It’s genious I tell you! Get one!
2016-11-17-10-13-49Cindy, you’re not traveling handmade!! Wait a minute, here it is.  Say hello to the Mary Pouch. This is a pattern by iThinkSew and is so tiny and cute. The pattern also comes with a similar shaped coin pouch.  It measures 7 1/2” w X 4 1/2” h X 3 1/2” d.  I made my Mary in waxed linen from ALFrances on Etsy. The linen was darker when I started, but after being manipulated for some time lightens up a lot.  Plus it has a faint honey-flowery scent which is a bonus.


I made the interior with a mid-weight striped canvas and added a 1  1/4″ adjustable strap for convenience.  The accent strip on the sides of mine were my alteration of the pattern, just personal preference.

This was a very easy sew. Tiny handles, one long panel with bottom panel and sew it up like a zippy pouch. It took about 2 hours from start to finish.  Love the quick-sew!

I’m working on a few more handmades for the trip and will post them when they’re ready to go. Stay tuned!


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