Twenty-Eight Blocks and Counting


I have had such a productive week, both in the studio and out!  Not only have I finished several WIP’s, I managed to buy all three boys their school supplies for the year (well, most of it!) and have them sorted by child in ready to go bags. Go me!!! Told you I was on my A-game. This afternoon we will head over to our Elementary School for orientation for the younger two. Oldest is ready for school to start. Middle is brooding and youngest is excited until he sees brooder. Then he broods as well!

On Tuesday I finished my August Riley Blake Mystery Block. It is a dresden plate and was super easy.  I am using linen as my main fabric (hello starch!) and I pulled out my jelly roll of 2wenty Thr3e by Eric & Julie Comstock/Moda.

photo 4

There will be one more block to complete before this quilt-a-long is done.  I have no clue what I’ll do with these when I’m done. Any ideas?  Here are my finished to date.

photo 5

With this project set aside for a few more weeks, I whipped out my Craftsy BOM quilt and watched the next episode online yesterday.  Now that all 20 blocks are done it’s time to assemble. First up sashing.  Okay, so it’s not to bad. I can do sashing. It may be a bit time consuming but it’s many straight lines, right?  Before I do that though, I need to figure out what order my blocks should go into. I set up my first combination this morning

photo 3This is not my finished layout as of now.  If you all wouldn’t mind, could you take a look at it and let me know what you’d shuffle around?  This weekend my goal is to have the sashing done and work on the backing fabrics. After I have the front and back done I have no clue what to do next, so I’ll keep you updated!

photo 1

Last night I finished working on a pattern I’m testing for Sew Sweetness.  I can’t share details or pictures yet, but I’ll show you the fabric I’m using which may give you a hint.  I will post more information when she releases it. Have a great weekend!  ~Cindy~

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