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Happy Sunday! What have you all been up to this weekend? Most of our weekend has been spent finishing up a deck redo, karate practices and taking my baby to his first high school social function. Sniff-Sniff.  But I have managed to do a bit of secret sewing and pattern test for a favorite bag gal.  

Before I head off to track and field with the youngest, I wanted to share with you the wonderful world of Instagram hashtags.  Last week Elnora (Elnorac on IG) posted about Japanese hashtags she’s found for sewing inspiration.  After an evening of getting lost in these hashtags I found a few more that were great as well.

Here are just a few that Elnora has listed.     *Warning:  You may get lost looking at all the pretty*

English            #patchwork                Japanese     パッチワーク     

                          #sewing                                             ソーイング

                          #quilt                                                 キルト

                          #pouch                                              ポーチ

                          #appliqué                                         アップリケ

                          #feedsack                                         フィードサック

To search for these, type this into your browser:    https://instagram.com/explore/tags/______/

This will take you to your hashtag search.  For language barriers,  go to Google Translate.  Type in the term you’d like to explore then click on the language. Once it’s translated, copy and paste it into the ___ section in the above link and see what happens! Make sure you don’t add the “#” in the site address.

Try translating the hashtags above in a different languages. You’ll open up a TON of wonderful new images. It’s amazing to see how beautiful crafting is worldwide.

Here are some more links I jotted down as I explored. Try typing them in English and look around, then try again in another language.




# handquilting





Happy Instagram surfing!  Cindy

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