Signs of Spring have been slowly showing up around Syracuse the past week or two.  Even with all the rain, I notice little buds and bulbs sprouting as well as a cheerful cardinal that doesn’t seem to understand our window is not open and constantly flies into it.  Poor thing must have head trauma by now!

On a surprising sunny day last week I noticed a bird in on of our front sculpted hedges.  At first look I thought it was a decoy. The ones used by hunters or maybe kids planted it there. But as I got closer noticed the huge nest and a twitch of a beak. A dove!  What freaked me out the most was her eyes. They were so still and unmoving, looking almost painted on. Eery.  So I quietly took this shot, trying not to disturb her nesting.

DSC_0203Beautiful, isn’t she?  I have been keeping tabs on her this past week because of all the wind and storms in the area. Mid-week I noticed she had left her nest, leaving one cute little egg behind.  Then I looked down on our brick walkway and noticed the second egg wasn’t quite so lucky. Scrambled egg 🙁  So far the one egg is still there and mom and dad are around it, I just hope I have a chance to take a picture of the new little one once it arrives.

We have family in town for the weekend from Florida.  I wish it wasn’t raining so much, it makes the entertaining options limited, but we’ll see what we come up with. Have a great weekend!  Cindy


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