I’ve seen lots of blogs recently share their favorite sewing tools and gadgets, so I decided to share mine today. I have these goodies on my table at all times and the irons on the ironing board next to me.

1. Quilting Ruler – My ruler is a 14″ x 4″. I also have one that is 28″ x 5″ that I use for larger fabric pieces. Made of hard plastic, these take a beating and still look good. There are also angles outlined on top that work great for boxing bag corners.

2. Thread Snips – My youngest calls it baby snip-snip, but I call it a small, sharp pair of scissors. I keep this next to my sewing machine to snip threads. I also use it when I’m cutting a pattern and need to cut a corner or something a bigger pair of scissors won’t do.

3. Seam Ripper – This one is a given. Every sewist has one of these babies close by at all times! Make sure your ripper is sharp so pulls apart the seams easier. Take your time as well or you’ll find some of your fabric ripped to…..trust me on this. I know from experience.

4. Knitting Needle – I love yarn and have tried knitting so many times, but for the life of me I just cannot get the hang of it. If I manage to get a few inches sewn to try a scarf it looks like something that got beat up in the dryer attacked by a cat.  So I decided to take my pretty wooden needles and put them to better use. The one you see above I use to push out seams and corners of my bags and pouches. You have to be very careful (especially with the one I have) that you don’t poke a hole in your fabric. A bone folder works great too if you don’t have knitting needles.

5. Spray Bottle – A cheap grocery store quirt bottle is a wonderful thing.  Great to use when interfacing fabric or ironing in general.

6. Clover Mini-Iron – I have this one on all the time! A regular iron is best for most projects, but when you want to iron seams or hard to reach areas, a mini-iron is a fabulous thing.  I got mine at Michael’s. If you use your 40% off coupon you can get it REAL cheap!!

7. Fiskars Rotary Cutter – My favorite tool. Ever. Again, use a Michael’s coupon and the cutter and blades will be cheap!  Wal-Mart also sells replacement blades in packs as well. Blade stays sharp for a long time before it needs replacing. Be very careful when using a rotary cutter. The blade cuts fabric like butta……and fingers too. Again, trust me on this.

So there you have it. My go-to tools I keep on my table at all times.  Don’t think I’ll be using them today though as six loads of laundry piled up yesterday while I was playing with the boys and checking on a sick hubby. Have a great Monday everyone!

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  1. Thanks for sharing what your “must have” tools are… I need to buy that Clover mini-iron!! It looks like something I would love…

    1. The Clover iron is really a great tool. Their customer service is awesome too because a week after I bought it, the cord fell out of the main tool. I was so upset 🙁 I called their cs and all I had to do was mail in my broken unit and they sent me a brand new one with some other goodies! If you do get one, the iron and the surrounding metal gets super hot! But it is perfect for those small bags or accessories with hard to reach areas.

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